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Amazonian Mermaid
A little too late for Mer-May. I only realized it was mer-May a little too far into the month, so I started this on the 28th or something. But yeah, didn't give myself enough time. Oh well.

Very similar concept to my koi mermaid. She is a mermaid based on the peacock bass. It is a species of fish endemic to the Amazon river. I love "flooded rainforest" type landscapes. A forest growing in rivers is gorgeous to me. That is one of the reasons I specifically sought out an Amazon fish because I knew some trees definitely get their roots and trunks flooded in the Amazon. I don't know if I convey the look too well in the picture. I didn't really think out how much the color in her tail would be distorted in the water so it still looks too vibrant. I wish I had planned out my coloring regarding that earlier, because I sort of just went over her tail in the color I made the water and it doesn't yield the best "submerged" illusion. Another thing, kinda messed up on coloring her hair. There's something off about it to me.

She is meant to be a Latina, being South American. I however was unable to get the features right so she looks too "white" despite being tan. That's okay though. I don't hate how she turned out. As with my Koi mermaid, and Centaur, I made her topless because in her perspective, she is one creature, not the mix of two, so why put clothes on half of her body. Like my koi mermaid, I tried to match her hair with her tail, so green hair. And orange lipstick to match her underside. ^^
The Amber Alchemist
So this is another character from my modern take on power rangers. As I explain in the description of that picture, these are millennial teens that transform into knight and other medieval fighter inspired power rangers with the use of a gem. The last one, the Emerald Edler is here. 
This is Venus, she becomes the Amber Alchemist, or yellow ranger, with the use of her Amber gem. Originally, she was the Citrine Swordsman, and her gem was a topaz, but as I was discussing with my friend, I only had one long distance fighter, the Azure Archer (the blue guy in picture one) so I needed to balance it out. She's also long distance, mostly defense and healing, through spell casting, and potions, etc. I imagine that the story would be kind of magic heavy, so why not put in an alchemist; they're medieval. 
So Venus is the most diligent member of the group. She works through school to support her family. Her mom is a nurse who works odd hours, and her brother works in a body shop. She bonded with her gem due to her hardworking personality. (That's part of the mythos I've developed. The gems bond with their owner, otherwise they can't use it to transform). She's one of the more feminine ones in the group, often dressing in flowy patterned skirts.
I looked at reference photos of mages and alchemists to create sort of a mystical costume. I originally wanted just a hood over her face, covering her eyes, but then she doesn't look like a power ranger. The visor and helmet are staple pieces on power rangers, so I gave her a visor over a porcelain helmet, with porcelain mask designs. 
The Emerald Edler
So, this is one of the girls in my modern take on Power Rangers. This series explores millennial teens becoming Power Rangers based upon knights and medieval fighters. She is the Green Ranger, or Emerald Edler.
This is Alexa. She transforms into the Emerald Edler with the use of the Emerald gem. Part of the mythos is that the gems are "alive" in a sense and they bond with their owners based on certain personalities. The Emerald gem bonded with her due to her adventurous and risk taking spirit. "Edler" is the German equivalent to squire, or esquire, basically a knight in training, or lesser knight. She modifies her costume to be more samurai based, but I only got that idea after I finished coloring, haha oh well. But her weapon is still a Kusurigama, a Japanese weapon consisting of a weight and sickle, connected by a chain. She can fight both long and short distance. 
Alexa is an adventurous Japanese-American girl into punk and alt-rock, and alt fashion. While her appearance and fashion sense may scare people off, she is very sociable and easy to talk to. She's very proficient in artistic subjects, but no so much in STEM fields. She is also a lesbian. 
A Modern Take on Power Rangers
So.... I was watching an episode of power rangers, and I noticed that all incarnations of the team had very basic character types, like the smart kid, and girly girl, yadda yadda. And I was thinking, what if the power rangers were based on the subcultures, fashion, and ideals of this generation. So their Power Ranger form is knights.

And so, my characters for that type of power rangers incarnation was born. From the left:

Green Ranger: Alexa; alt girl. Really into alt rock and punk rock. Her fashion sense may be intimidating, but she's very easy to get along with and usually offers sarcastic remarks. Lots of piercings, and other modifications, wears a lot of black, ripped stockings, and punk band shirts. Lesbian. Japanese American. Transforms into the Emerald Edler. 
Yellow Ranger: Venus; Hard worker. Raised by a single mother who's a nurse. Never had too much money, and really values hard work. Constantly working herself to the bone to take care of herself and her family. Shy, and dresses femininely, with lots of skirts. Black American. Transforms into the Amber Alchemist.
Red Ranger: Kavita; Bollywood nerd/diva. Trying hard to break away from her labels and stereotypes. Very smart in STEM fields and secretly very much into Bollywood movies and Hindi music, but doesn't want to play into stereotypes. Quite a confident leader when not afraid to show her true colors. Wears loose, Indian design inspired tops. Indian American. Transforms into the Scarlet Swordsman.
Blue Ranger: Unnamed for now; Liberal hipster. Very invested in social justice, and quite active in speaking out about injustice. Doesn't focus on the problems facing his own life. Lots of skinny jeans, henleys, beanies, and plaid. In a bromance with Pink. White American (Irish). Transforms into Azure Archer.
Pink Ranger: Unnamed for now; Workout bro. Very into fitness and health. Still quite knowledgeable on other subjects. Sees himself as a protector of the group. Very secure in his masculinity. Often wears workout gear. In a bromance with Blue. White American (German). Transforms into Cerise Chevalier. 

Also the colors: I never liked the colors they chose for Power Rangers teams, they never went together too well. So I have the classic red, blue, yellow, and I wanted to add another warm color and another cool color, so pink and a lime green. That way the colors appear balanced. I also wanted to change up the very heteronormative gender roles the colors play normally, so green is a girl, and pink is a masculine guy
Never Had a Friend Like Me
There is a lot of brown people in my gallery now, haha, oh well
Here is the companion piece: Male Jasmine and Rajah

So this is Genie and Aliyah, a female Genie and Aladdin from, well... Aladdin. Genie's name stays the same, because it's just the name of the creature. Anyway, I had previously done a male Jasmine and Rajah, and someone requested a female Aladdin, which I originally wasn't going to do, but I started getting a good idea, so why not. I was having trouble thinking of how Aliyah would be dressed, which is why I didn't want to draw her yet. But, my "good idea" was giving her the blouse piece that is worn with Indian lehengas, and saris. It has a slight faded design on it, but it's very loose fitting because she is a malnourished street rat. Her pants are very similar to Aladdin's, but I made them Turkish trousers, which are pretty much Harem pants that are very puffy and close in around the ankles. Again, it's a mix of Middle Eastern (specifically Ottoman, the pants and fez were also worn in the Balkan states) and Indian designs, as the original was. I used these photos as references.
Also, just thinking, maybe female Genie would be voiced by a famous female comedienne, I was thinking Joan Rivers. I mean if this aired instead of original Aladdin it would be Joan Rivers that is; I know she is no longer alive. 


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