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Acting koi by chestnuthare
Acting koi
That's 3 deviations in 3 weeks! I'm honestly super proud of myself.
I've really been in the mood to draw this summer, so behold this Koi mermaid. Because Kois are Asian, I made her Japanese. Originally she was going to have black/dark brown hair, but I thought it looked more fitting that it be red like her markings. I kinda wanted to add black highlights to match her tail but I wasn't sure how that would look. Also, sorry if her tail doesn't actually have a koi fish shape, which are kinda hard to do from the angle she's in. Speaking of her position, her hands are doing the same thing as my Indian Peacock 2 drawing so that feels weird, but I didn't know what to do with her hands. Hopefully y'all don't think I have a topless woman fetish; as I explained in my Zebra Centaur description, she is one creature, despite being a mix of two, so it would be weird if she were to follow the clothing habits of one of her halves. I feel like she wouldn't even consider herself half human, she just is one creature, so it'd be weird if she dressed one part of her body and not the other. She also reminds me a lot of my Ariel drawing, which I guess is because they're both redheaded mermaids :P 
What's up little one? by chestnuthare
What's up little one?
Haha! Two submissions in two weeks! 
Alright, this is a zebra centaur(ette?) with her son. Recently I've been trying to draw different races more accurately, as my default used to be white girls. I just felt like drawing a centaur, and I thought a centaur as a zebra would be cool. Being an African creature, she had to be black. I also wanted to practice drawing black characters. Originally she was facing left, and her son wasn't in the drawing, however it looked boring as she was just sitting there, so I made her look right, which is an angle I'm not too good at, and made her looking at someone, so she is tussling her son's hair. Unfortunately the contrast in that area isn't as strong so you can't tell her fingers are in his hair. 
Also, you may notice she does not have a top. I felt like that just makes most sense. She is half human, but overall she is one creature, and creatures aren't known to wear clothes. I feel like it would be weird if she just felt shame on the human part of her body, and felt the need to cover up, but not the animal part. Also, I draw my centaurs with the ears of the animal so it doesn't look so segmented; she has hints of zebra throughout. I also think of centaurs as kind of a strong warrior species so she's not super slim, and she's got abs for days! The zebra body isn't super anatomically correct, as the front portion is a little too smooth, but hopefully it doesn't detract from the art too much. 
One more thing, I lost the original copy :( (Sad) . I scan my art at the library and I'm pretty sure I left it in their scanner. I only noticed I didn't have it two days later and when I went back to the library it was gone, and not in the lost and found. Waaaah! So I am super upset about that since I was really happy with this drawing. I hope no one took it and is taking credit for it. 
Sheep Thrills by chestnuthare
Sheep Thrills
Maybe not the most fitting title, but she seems happy about something right?
Again, it's been a while since I've uploaded anything so here. Nothing with too much effort put in, this really did not take long, but it was fun. I thought it would be fun to draw a sheep person. Originally she was going to have horns but that wouldn't make her much of a she. I looked at it and went ewe that looks baaad. Whoo bad sheep puns. but I scrapped the horns even if it looked cool and made this adorable ewe/lamb anthro girl. She's cute to me at least, but then again, I love sheep. Her eyes were kinda hard to draw because I didn't think the long sideways pupils that sheep and goats have would make her look cute so I sorta compromised and made them rounder. I wanted her wool white, with a black face but I didn't think I'd be able to see the details on her face, so then I thought black wool would look cool but I guess coloring with black seemed like too much to me so I just gave her light tan wool. 
Indian Peacock 2 by chestnuthare
Indian Peacock 2
Ok! As promised, the second version of a peacock girl! (I'll just pretend I have watchers who are reading this(or watchers in general)). This time she's actually a girl. And, it wasn't that long ago that I submitted part 1, so I'm pretty proud of myself

So exactly like part 1, this girl IS a peacock (in human form), and not just dressed like one. And as an Indian peacock, she is an Indian girl, wearing Indian clothing. I think I'm much happier with this one, because there are more parts to her dress that I can add designs onto. So she is wearing a lehenga, albeit a very western style one. The skirt sort of needed to be longer in the back, so it can be like a peacock train, but when I drew it at first, it didn't look Indian at all, luckily, I added the dupatta (orna) (the sash) so it looks more Indian. Basically, the skirt is very western, but it needed to be: the train on a peacock is pretty long in the back, and it has "scales"/sprouting feathers before its tail, around its hip. They also have a "zebra'ish" pattern on their wings (I'm so informed), with a golden brown underpart, so I wrapped her arms in the dupatta, Oh, and her make up: Peacocks have white areas surrounding their eyes, and white lips, which I didn't do in part 1, but decided to go ahead here.
Indian Peacock by chestnuthare
Indian Peacock
Okay so this was done like a few months ago but I haven't had time to upload it. #constantlygoingoutonweekends #somuchhomework

So like this is meant to be a girl who is a peacock, not just dressed like one. As in my thoughts on what a peacock would look like if it were a woman. Being an Indian peacock, I thought it would be an Indian woman. I used the sari as the dress because it has a long train, which I could do the tail on. I wish there were more parts to a sari so I could add in the separate designs on a peacock on separate parts of her dress, but alas a sari is only one long piece of fabric. So all the different designs are just on different parts of the sari. I think the awkwardest part is her waist which has a random peacock wing design for a small bit, then disappears. I don't hate the drawing though, I actually quite like it, especially the colors. Giving her teal lipstick was fun, although it was supposed to be white, but it just didn't pop. I'll probably upload another version "soon", except as a lehenga rather than a sari. the different designs might fit less awkwardly on it.


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